Synerplex® Revive and Sports Electrolyte Powders are balanced electrolytes that help to get you hydrated, reduced muscle cramping, detoxify,and reduce lactic acid buildup. You’ve probably all heard of the suggestion that Americans should cut back on their sodium intake.  It is estimated that the average American consumes 3,700 mgs of sodium daily.[1] The recommended intake is far lower, some 2,300 mgs daily. Some have even gone further like the American Heart Association, and suggested that the line be drawn at 1500 mg.[2] The question that needs to be asked here is does the lowering of sodium intake really get us any healthier? The answer is sometimes yes and sometimes no.

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Synerplex® AcaÍ – euterpe oleracea (Ah- sah- ee) is commonly used in many beverages and food preparations in Brazil and the United States. Acai has been used as a folk medicine as well as an important source of nutrients for the indigenous peoples of Brazil, Colombia and Suriname for thousands of years. More recently it has been found to promote reproductive health!

The Deep purple freeze-dried version of this popular berry-like fruit, exhibits exceptional activity against superoxide in the superoxide scavenging (SOD) assay of any food reported to date.  

Due to droughts in Brazil, we have made a decision to change the type of acai that we use from the euterpe precatoria to the euterpe oleracea. We have found the best source of acai euterpe oleracea and  have secured this organic product that has the highest bio-active potential and is coming straight from the grower. 


MitoMin Complex 

Multi trace and macro mineral liquid concentrate
MitoMin Complex
What Our Customers Say...
"The results from Revive electrolytes have been amazing. My athletes using this product have stated they have never felt healthier and hydrated after consistent use. Their lab values and hydration studies prove this. The results orientated product demonstrates a scientific approach to facilitating function and recovery from training, practice, and workouts. As a strength coach, I have complete confidence in referring athletes to this electrolyte solution."
Preston G
Strength and Conditioning Coach
"Synerplex electrolytes have proven to be quite effective, when used consistently in my drinking water. Along with the judicious usage of mineral supplements (such as various forms of magnesium) and of the proper herbs, I have succeeded in bringing the muscle cramping under control by always keeping myself hydrated with enough water with the electrolytes in each pint size jug that I always carry along with me.

This practice has enabled me to keep going, no matter how much perspiration takes place. No way would I even undertake a little running such as this without my ever present water jug filled with my electrolyte solution!"
Maurya M.
"I have tried what seems like millions of electrolyte replacement formulas. I lived with many professional triathletes, and they were always getting promo trials of different formulas from different companies. None of the ones you can buy in stores or even the "professional athlete" brands are anywhere near as good as this stuff.

I love that there are no additives - no sweeteners, no stevia or agave or anything of the kind, no flavors, no gums or thickening agents - just pure electrolyte solution. They also have a "sport" version for those that are more active.

I have a hard time staying hydrated, and for whatever reason, regular water just seems to run right through me but never actually hydrate me. This is the first product that has made any difference for me with this issue, and it turned out to make a huge difference! I can retain the hydration from this (without ever feeling bloated or like I am overly-retaining water). My lips are no longer dry and peeling all the time; my skin is softer, more supple, and needs less lotion. I also notice a dramatic decrease in my energy levels on days when I forget to start my day with a large glass of this. Highly recommended!"
Anne Bell

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