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Knowledge Through Solutions, Inc. is a family owned business that has developed quality health care products since 1998.  Founders Mark and Hillary Schauss have worked hard to develop products that address foundational health.  The Synerplex product line includes Synerplex Electrolytes  – The New Sports Powder, the Revive powder, and Synerplex Enhance Protein Powder (NEW), and Synerplex Acai (euterpe precatoria) These products have been recommended by health care practitioners and personal trainers around the world and are available to you here online and at www.amazon.com.

We hope to help you achieve optimal health.

For companies looking to have products custom formulated, please contact us for further information.

We are located in beautiful Reno, Nevada.


18124 Wedge Parkway, Ste 432

Reno, NV 89511

Phone: 775.870.6934

Fax: 775-851-3363



2 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. I have ordered and received all three of your products. I heard Mark on Healthy Wealthy and Wise talking about it and it’s benefits for asthma. I have a fifteen year old daughter who has asthma. I want to know how often she can take the recover, especially during an attack.

    1. She can take the electrolytes three times daily. Consistently taking
      them will help in the long run as opposed to taking them just when
      there is an asthmatic attack.

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